SqueezePlug Version 7.06 released

März 23rd, 2014

SqueezePlug Version 7.06 released:

Minor patch from 23.03.2014
Wolfson Soundcard support added

– squeezelite.sh add support for the Wolfson Soundcard
– wolfson-kernel-140311.tgz patched kernel to support the Wolfson Soundcard
– wolfson-udev-140311.tgz patched UDEV-Rules to support the Wolfson Soundcard

Please update your SqueezePlug from the setup menu: Type „setup“ from the console and choose and then .

Work in Progress

März 17th, 2014

Today I like to inform you about what’s going on with SqueezePlug development:

The lasts weeks I did a lot of testing with new hardware devices. I’ve tested sound cards and new server platforms. As sound cards I tried to test the HiFiBerry and the Wolfson sound cards. You may ask why „tried“. That’s because the Wolfson card was defective at arrival and the HiFiBerry got defective after my soldering attempts. I’m not a pro in soldering so maybe I did something stupid. Both devices will go back to the store and I hope I’ll get a replacement soon. Then testing will go on. I’ll inform you. As new server devices I’m still testing with Wandboard and Odroid. Both device are looking very promising and I got LMS and SqueeszeLite working on both devices. The devices have a lot of power for LMS and I saw some massive performance improvements. I think I like the Odroid more, it’s less expensive , but you still have to order in Korea! Shipping works, but you will pay tax. The next time I’ll try to get SqueezePlug running on Odroid, but it will last a while.

I hope you will get more information soon.


SqueezePlug Version 7.05 released

März 16th, 2014

SqueezePlug Version 7.05 released:

Minor patch from 16.03.2014
piCorePlayer preparation functionality added

– picoreplayer.sh add an option to prepare the piCorePlayer installation
– player_menu.sh add an entry for piCorePlayer
– squeezelite.sh add an option for new versions of C-Media USB Sound Cards

Please update your SqueezePlug from the setup menu: Type „setup“ from the console and choose and then .

SqueezePlug Patch 7.04 released

März 9th, 2014

SqueezePlug Version 7.04 released:

Minor patch from 09.03.2014
AccessPoint functionality added

– adv_menu.sh Menu entry added for Access-Point functionality
– ap.default Default Configuration for the Access Point
– ap.sh Script for the Access Point installation functionality added
– hostapd.conf.default Default Configuration for the Access Point
– udhcpd.conf.default Default Configuration for the DHCP-Server

Please update your SqueezePlug from the setup menu: Type „setup“ from the console and choose and then .

SqueezePlug Patch 7.03 released

März 3rd, 2014

SqueezePlug Version 7.03 released:

Minor patch from 03.03.2014

– squeezelite.sh Fix for using LMS-Server if located on different device
– rpi-config.txt New rpi-config file with lots of new settings
– Firmware update Firmware update to resolve some sound problems

Please update your SqueezePlug from the setup menu: Type „setup“ from the console and choose and then .

New Hardware Platforms for SqueezePlug, Testing in Progress

Februar 23rd, 2014

Hi Folks,

I like to inform You, that I’m actually testing with Wandboard and Odroid U3 devices. Espacially the Odroid U3 looks very promising. The performance is incredible! I hope I can present you test-versions soon.

I’ve also orderd two HiFi Berry devices (analogue and digital) for testing and including in SqueezePlug!

So you can see how your donations are invested!

Tranks for all who placed a donation so far,

SqueezePlug Patch 7.02 released

Januar 20th, 2014

SqueezePlug Version 7.02 minor patch 22.01.2014

– basic_menu.sh added an option to call the external Raspi-Config script
– squeezelite new version 1.5
– squeezelite.sh SqueezeLite now uses the MAC of eth0

SqueezePlug Version 7.01 Patch released

Januar 12th, 2014

SqueezePlug Version 7.01 major patch 12.01.2014

– basic_menu.sh      change needed to remove the donation hint
– format.sh      bug fixed, script did no format only partition
– hostname.sh      show the actual hostname as info
– lib.sh      added the option sec=ntlm to mount Samba Shares with kernel 3.8
– main_menu.sh      added 2 new functions for reboot and halt
– network.sh      shows some infos about the current network settings
– player_menu.sh      some text changed
– remove_donation_hint.sh      change needed to remove the donation hint
– squeezelite.sh      fixed a bug an added a new DAC
– timezone.sh      show the actual timezone and time as info

SqueezePlug Version 7 available

Januar 10th, 2014

Hi folks,


I’m very happy to tell you that SqueezePlug for Raspberry Pi version 7 is now ready for download. SqueezePlug version 7 is a completely new version, nearly every script is renewed! The new version is based on the latest Raspbian version 2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbian so it should work on every hardware version of raspberry Pi.

There is only one version available, the Debian Wheezy HF version. There is no need for other versions any more, because every software package is running on the hard-float version.

A lot of unnecessary thinks are removed in version 7, it’s focussed on the important things, but they are much better implemented as before.

SqueezePlug version 7 is much easier for users and a lot of bugs from version 6 are removed. Every software package now comes in an actual version.

There is no update from version 6 is available!
What is SqueezePlug?
SqueezePlug is a platform for different Media-Servers:
– Logitech Media Server (f.k.a. Slimserver, SqueezeBox Server) in the latest version
– MiniDLNA

And SqueezePlug is a platform for different Media-clients or players:
– SqueezeLite
– SqueezeSlave
– Shairport
And SqueezePlug offers some other services:
– VNC Server

All these servers and players are ready to install by just a click.

Included features are:
– Scripts for all SqueezePlug configurations
– Expand RootFS automatically
– Change Timezone, Hostname, Password, SSH-Keys,
– Configure Network Settings incl. WiFi support
– Network configuration files are now available on the /boot (FAT) partition so you can change them from you Windows PC
– Change Overclocking and Memory Spilt
– Handling of external drives
– Cloning SD-Cards
– Samba Server already included
– HD-Idle included
– Update functions included
– Test and Change audio settings

All official Raspbian / Wheezy features like X-Server are available, nothing is purged by default.

How to install SqueezePlug?
The Image fits on every 4 GB SD-Card! You should expand the SD-Card to it’s full size during the initial setup.

1. Download, unzip and burn the sd-card
2. Start the Pi and find out the IP-Address (e.g. from an attached monitor, from your router or a tools like Advanced IP Scanner v2).
3. login with user: root and pw: nosoup4u
4. Follow the initial steps
a. Update SqueezePlug
b. Expand the Root-Filesystem to the maximum SD-Card size
5. type „setup“ and choose the options you need and the scripts will do the rest for you.

Please visit my blog to download the new image: http:/squeezeplug.de
Look for:

Have fun,

Feel free to donate my SqueezePlug project:
SqueezePlug Donation
thanks a lot!

SqueezePlug Web-Tutorial No 1 available

Februar 8th, 2013

Hi Folks,

I’m happy to present you my newest video, showing you the complete process of building a SqueezePlug Server Version 6 out of your Rapspberry Pi. Watch this video and you will be able to make your Raspberry Pi a powerful platform for various Media-Servers with DLNA compatibility. The video will also show you how to install SqueezeLite, a very nice Player for SqueezeBox.

Here the links to Youtube:

English Version:

German Version: